Why Choose Us?

A to Z World Languages


When it comes to the code of ethics training, we go by the NCIHC (The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care), considered the highest recognized standard within the health care industry.


All our interpreters must submit to an annual TB (Tuberculosis) test. If any test positive, they are immediately restricted and are able to resume work only after accepted medical protocols have been taken, and clearance has been granted.


In the field of linguistics, interpreters are considered those who orally explain what is being said; translators are those who work with written documents. A To Z World Languages employs only certified translators to guarantee you the most accurate translation of your documents.

Languages, Dialects, & ASL

With A To Z World Languages, you can choose over 100 languages and dialects, 24 or more of which are not covered by the Language line. We also provide interpreters skilled in American Sign Language.


We've added an online request form, so our clients no longer need to call or fill out individual records for each appointment. At atozworldlanguages.com, you can request as many as ten different appointments on one form.

Conference Friendly

  • We can conference as many lines as you need, in your choice of 98 languages and dialects.
  • In addition, we offer free conferencing calls to ensure that non-English speaking clients understand the time and location of their appointments. This reduces the incidence of no-shows and minimizes the associated costs.

Special Rates

Those who have frequent needs for A To Z World Language's interpreter services, may qualify for special rates. (Call to learn about volume discounts).

Customer Satisfaction

We routinely monitor the quality of our service by surveying our customers. This allows us to adjust to your changing needs, so we can continue to offer the highest level of service possible.